The following are the project and strategies that the Planet Future Foundation has developed to achieve its goals:

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Expeditions & Documentaries

To create awareness of how important is to protect the most sensitive parts of the planet, we have developed the Planet Future documentaries. These are a series of documentaries that Pancho Campo and his team will record to show how the climate crisis is affecting the above regions.

Special trips and expeditions have already started to take place and footage has been recorded in Greenland, Iceland, Spain, Florida and British Columbia, with many other destinations to be scheduled throughout the rest of the year.

These series of documentaries will be broadcast through the YouTube channel of the foundation and its website.

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In association with The American College in Spain and Chrand Events, the Planet Future Foundation will develop seminars and courses for different industries, about sustainability and climate change.

These courses will be available both in person and online.

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Working closely with Chrand Events, the Foundation shall support the already well stablished conferences developed by Chrand, such as Green Wine Future.

The Foundation is also planning to develop new events, conferences, and summits about climate change and environmental issues for different industries such as sports, tourism, education, and many others.