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Working closely with Chrand Events, the Planet Future Foundation participates in some of the summits and congresses the company organizes internationally. 

We are also planning to develop our own events and international conferences for different industries such as tourism, sports, gastronomy and others. 

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Green Wine Future is the sixth edition of the World Conference on Climate Change & Wine organized by Chrand Events since 2006. This international conference has featured the most relevant names of the wine industry and keynotes such as President Obama, Vice.president Al Gore and many others.


The Planet Future Foundation supports Chrand Events helping to create awareness of how important is for the wine industry to protect the most sensitive parts of the planet, even if they have very little direct relation with the industry. 

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In association with The American College in Spain, our foundation has developed a series of speeches and conferences to be conducted at schools, universities, NGOs, government organizations, corporations, etc.


These speeches will be conducted completely free of charge and the goal is to promote more sustainable practices at all levels, encouraging the participants to start acting as soon as possible.

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